Explore the thread of God's presence woven into the fabric of everyday life, the opportunities to be grasped if only you will see them. On Sunday mornings Christ Community Church will examine two Hebrew prophets who broke out of their mundane existence and lived life the way that it was meant to be. Elijah and Elisha defied evil kings, called down fire from Heaven, brought rain in a season of drought and saw God at work around every corner.

In the midst of Elijah's defining moment, God provided for the prophet through the claws of a raven. Read more about Elijah and Elisha through the Defining Moments graphic novels.

Seizing the Moment Audio / Video
Moment of Decision Audio / Video
Moment of Despair Audio 1 / Audio 2 / Video 1 / Video 2
Moment of Truth Audio / Video
Moment of Succession Audio / Video
Moment of Clarity Audio 1 / Audio 2 / Video 1 / Video 2
Moment of Immeasurable Joy Audio / Video
The Infinite Moment Audio / Video
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